Get Free Bitcoin Cash Now

With BITCOIN CASH BCH prices climbing to more than 1700 $
it is well worth to claim your share of it.

On August 1, 2017 the digital currency Bitcoin split into two derivative currencies,
Bitcoin Classic (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH - BCC on binance!)

That means if you were holding some BTC at this date you can still get the same amount
of BCH if you haven't claimed it already.

If you had your Bitcoins on an exchange, just log in
and check your balances. When you log in, you should see a BCH (or possibly, “BCC”) balance in a new exchange wallet,
in addition to your regular BTC wallet..

Most exchanges except coinbase (wait for January if you held BTC there)
credited you at least some BCH. You may exchange it for Dash, Litecoin, Dollars or Digital Notes.

HitBTC exchange requires only 2 confirmations
easiest way to buy bitcoins

  • HitBTC requires only 2 confirmations before deposited BCH are credited to your account and made available for trading purposes.
    As Bcash blocks are still very slow (up to 8 hours delay), this could be a real time saver. By contrast, it appears other exchanges requires
    20 confirmations before approving any withdrawals.
  • HitBTC offers a quick and easy registration, which requires only an email address to complete.
  • is the easiest to use exchange to buy Bitcoins for Newbies

  • If you held Bitcoins in an Electrum Wallet on August 1st do the following:

    Install Electrum Cash

    Users who want to get Electron Cash should do it on a separate computer, that does not have their Bitcoin wallet. We recommend to proceed as follows: 1. Install Electron Cash by only using the official download site 2. Create a NEW Electrum BitCoinCash Wallet Write down your seed and continue.
    After following these easy steps will be able to access your Bitcoin Cash BCH (BCC).

    Now comes the most interesting part:

    How to claim Bitcoin Cash for Bitcoins you own NOW

    Download an Electrum Wallet issued before August 1st, 2017
    from click Previous releases there and chose 2.9.0

    for Windows you may use

    for LINUX

    start the Electrum Bitcoin Wallet until you reach the following:

    electrum used to double your bitcoins

    You need to change the checkbox to 'I already have a seed' because you need to recover a wallet that was created
    BEFORE the BTC - BCH split ! Obviously it will not work on newly created wallets, however it works on RECOVERED OLD wallets.
    Enter the seed you see below.

    electrum wallet get  Bitcoin Cash

    Make sure you encrypt your wallet with a strong password for your security.
    Open your Electrum Wallet and choose History / a date BEFORE 1st August 2017
    right click details  or  view on block explorer
    and send some BTC to this address

    electrum coindoubler

    use electrum to claim additional Bitcoin cash

    With this trick you will hold the same amount of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash.
    If you held BTC in any other wallet click here

    The next 2X hard fork of Bitcoin is CANCELLED !  Bitcoin GOLD is still on testnet but BTG FUTURES can be traded on HitBTC

    bitcoin hard fork split profit is a SCAM
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